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Alone: Lost Overboard in the Indian Ocean


English | October 6th, 2016 | ASIN: B01H0LIQHK, ISBN: 1250143306, 1472139364 | 384 Pages | EPUB | 2.71 MB

'That's what happened, I think, struggling to stay afloat as the ocean pummels me from all sides. I must have blacked out ?C exhausted, dehydrated, even a little delirious ?C and hit the water.

And no one saw it happen.'

'When I heard Brett had fallen overboard, after twelve hours I said, "There's no way anyone can survive longer than that in the ocean - I certainly couldn't do it." This is an incredible, incredible story.'
Oscar Chalupsky, Twelve times Molokai Paddleboard World Champion

In April 2013, fifty-year-old Brett Archibald was on board a surf-charter boat, making a night-time crossing of the Mentawai Strait off Sumatra, Indonesia. In the middle of a storm, ill with severe food poisoning, Brett was being sick overboard when, for a moment, he blacked out. When he came to, he found himself alone in the raging sea, being spun as if in a washing machine. Sixty miles from shore, Brett saw the lights of his boat disappearing into the darkness. It was very quickly clear that no one had seen him fall, and that no one would hear his shouts for help. He was alone in the ocean.

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