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Arithmetic Circuits for DSP Applications


English | ISBN: 1119206774 | 2017 | 352 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

A comprehensive guide to the fundamental concepts and development, digital implementation schemes, performance considerations, and applications of arithmetic circuits for DSP

Arithmetic Circuits for DSP Applications is a complete resource on arithmetic circuits for digital signal processing (DSP). The text covers the key concepts, developments, and applications for different types of arithmetic circuits, which can be used for improving the efficiency of implementation of a multitude of DSP applications. Each chapter includes various applications of the respective class of arithmetic circuits along with information on the future scope of research. Written for students, engineers, and researchers in electrical and computer engineering, this comprehensive text offers a clear understanding of arithmetic circuits for digital signal processing and covers the concepts, designs, and applications of different types of arithmetic circuits.

The text includes contributions from noted researchers on a wide range of topics, including a review of circuits used in implementing basic operations like additions and multiplications; distributed arithmetic as a technique for the multiplier-less implementation of inner products for DSP applications; discussions on look up table-based techniques and their key applications; CORDIC circuits for calculation of trigonometric, hyperbolic and logarithmic functions; real and complex multiplications, division, and square-root; solution of linear systems; eigenvalue estimation; singular value decomposition; QR factorization and many other functions through the use of simple shift-add operations; and much more. This book serves as a comprehensive resource, which describes the arithmetic circuits as fundamental building blocks for state-of-the-art DSP applications and reviews in depth the scope of arithmetic circuits and their applications.


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