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Britain: for Learners of English, Second Edition ( Workbook)


James O'Driscoll, "Britain: for Learners of English, Second Edition ( Workbook) "
OUP Oxford | 2009 | ISBN: 019430647X | 78 pages | File type: PDF | 36,7 mb
This book provides all the information a student od Britain and British culture needs to know.
What's it like living ib Britain today? Find out about the country and its people in this new edition of Britain. All the information is completely up-to-date and illustrated with new colour photographs.

Key features

* Gives students a real insight into what it means to live in Britain today.
* Provides the historical and cultural background of British society and institutions, as well as the private daily life of the British people.
* Charts, graphs, extracts from popular fiction and newspapers etc. provide additional information.
* Questions at the end of each chapter encourage analysis of the text and cross-cultural comparison.
* Updated with new photographs and illustrations.
* NEW Workbook with activities to encourage students to think about cultural issues raised in the book, to make comparisons with their own culture, and to revise and reinforce the book's content and language.* NEW website, regularly updated with new information and statistics plus useful Download link: to media and government websites.



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