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Calculus Essentials For Dummies


Calculus Essentials For Dummies By Mark Ryan
Publisher: For Dummies 2010 | 192 Pages | ISBN: 0470618353 | File type: PDF | 10 mb

Just the key concepts you need to score high in calculus
From limits and differentiation to related rates and integration, this practical, friendly guide provides clear explanations of the core concepts you need to take your calculus skills to the next level. It's perfect for cramming, homework help, or review.
Test the limits (and continuity) ?get the low-down on limits and continuity as they relate to critical concepts in calculus
Ride the slippery slope ?understand how differ-entiation works, from finding the slope of a curve to making the rate-slope connection
Integrate yourself ?discover how integration and area approximation are used to solve a bevy of calculus problems
Work it out ?arm yourself with the problem-solving skills you need to crack calculus code, from using the integral to analyzing arc length, and everything in between
Open the book and find:
What calculus is and why it works
Differentiation rules
Integration techniques you'll need to know
The fundamental theorem of calculus (and why it works)
Optimization problems
How to calculate volumes of unusual solids
How to work with linear approximation
Real-world examples of calculus
Learn to:
Exactly what you need to know to conquer calculus
The "must-know" formulas and equations
Core calculus topics in quick, focused lessons

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