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Chirality at Solid Surfaces


2018 | ISBN-10: 1118880129 | 424 Pages | PDF | 15 MB

A comprehensive introduction to the fundamental aspects of surface chirality, covering both chemical and physical consequences

Written by a leading expert in the field, Chirality at Solid Surfaces offers an introduction to the concept of chirality at surfaces, starting from the foundation of chirality in isolated molecules and bulk systems. Fundamental properties such as surface energy and surface stress are then linked to a universal systematization of surface structure and symmetry. The author includes key examples of surface chemistry and physics, such as the interplay between adsorbate and substrate chirality, amplification of chirality, chiral catalysis, and the influence of surface chirality upon optical and magnetic phenomena. The book also explores the chirality apparent in the electronic structure of graphene, topological insulators and half-metallic materials.

This important reference:

Provides an introduction to the fundamental concept of chirality
Contains discussions of the chemical and physical consequences of surface chirality, including magnetic, electronic and optical properties in addition to molecular properties
Offers an account of the most current research needed to support growth in the field
Written for surface scientists, professionals in the field, academics, and students, Chirality at Solid Surfaces is an essential resource that contains an overview of the fundamentals of surface chirality and reviews both the chemical and physical consequences.


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