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Current Topics in Anemia


ITexLi | 2018 | ISBN: 9535137751 9535137743 9789535137740 9789535137757 | 260 Pages | PDF | 9 MB

This book deals with a very common condition, anemia, which might interest not only the physicians but also other healthcare professionals and researchers dealing with anemic patients.

The objective of this book was to collect and compile up-to-date information from reputable researchers of different countries of the world to disseminate the latest information about the common types of anemia in some specific physiological and pathological conditions including pathophysiology and the use of algorithms as a tool to minimize the laboratory tests and accurate diagnosis of the underlying cause. In total, there are 13 chapters in this book where the authors shared their research findings and real-life experiences in managing their patients with anemia.

1 Iron Deficiency Anaemia
2Megaloblastic Anemia
3Iron Deficiency Anemia in Children
4Iron Deficiency Anemia and Pregnancy
5Anemia in Women of Reproductive Age
6Nutritional Anemia in Elderly Patients of Developed Countries
7Anemia and IBD: Current Status and Future Prospectives
8Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease and After Kidney Allotransplantation (Systematic Review)
9The Pattern of Anemia in Lupus
10Severe Malarial Anemia (SMA) Pathophysiology and the Use of Phytotherapeutics as Treatment Options
11Influence of Hepcidin in the Development of Anemia
12Laboratory Approach to Anemia
13Foods Produced with Cowpea Flour as a Strategy to Control Iron Deficiency Anemia in Children


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