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Doppler Radar Observations: Weather Radar, Wind Profiler, Ionospheric Radar, and Other Advanced Applications


InTeO | 2012 | ISBN: 9535104969 9789535104964 | 481 Pages | PDF | 62 MB

This book brings together a collection of eighteen essays by international leading authors devoted to different applications of ground based Doppler radars. Topics covered include, among others, severe weather surveillance, precipitation estimation and nowcasting, wind and turbulence retrievals, ionospheric radar and volcanological applications of Doppler radar. The book is ideally suited for graduate students looking for an introduction to the field or professionals intending to refresh or update their knowledge on Doppler radar applications.

Doppler radar systems have been instrumental to improve our understanding and monitoring capabilities of phenomena taking place in the low, middle, and upper atmosphere. Weather radars, wind profilers, and incoherent and coherent scatter radars implementing Doppler techniques are now used routinely both in research and operational applications by scientists and practitioners.

Part 1 Doppler Radar and Weather Surveillance
1 Doppler Radar for USA Weather Surveillance
2 Automated Processing of Doppler Radar Data for Severe Weather Warnings
3 Aviation Applications of Doppler Radars in the Alerting of Windshear And Turbulence
Part 2 Precipitation Estimation and Nowcasting
4 Nowcasting
5 Use of Radar Precipitation Estimates in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Mexico City
6 Measuring Snow with Weather Radar
7 A Network of Portable, Low-Cost, X-Band Radars
Part 3 Tropospheric Wind and Turbulence Observations
8 Retrieving High Resolution 3-D Wind Vector Fields from Operational Radar Networks
9 Multiple Doppler Radar Analysis for Retrieving the Three-Dimensional Wind Field Within Thunderstorms
10 New Observations by Wind Profiling Radars
11 Svnerov Between Doppler Radar and Lidar for Atmospheric Boundary Laver Research
Part 4 Weather Radar Quality Control and Related Applications
12 Quality Control Algorithms Applied on Weather Radar Reflectivity Data
13 Effects of Anomalous Propagation Conditions on Weather Radar Observations
14 Doppler Weather Radars and Wind Turbines
Part 5 Advanced Techniques for Probing the Ionosphere
15 Aperture Synthesis Radar Imaging for Upper Atmospheric Research
16 Incoherent Scatter Radar - Spectral Signal Model and Ionospheric Applications
Part 6 Other Advanced Dopier Radar Applications
17 Volcanological Applications of Doppler Radars: A Review and Examples from a Transportable Pulse Radar in L-Band
18 Doppler Radar Tracking Using Moments


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