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Health and healthy food have now become a major challenge, as the food industry puts its economic benefits before the benefits that food can provide. We live in a time of haste, in which processed foods are practically most of the food we can find on supermarket shelves, thus relegating unprocessed, authentic foods to hard-to-get items and often over-priced ones.

This book aims to shred a little light on the subject, and make us be able to get healthy food despite the food industry, in the end all consumers have the strength to change all this.

An investigation about food products that can currently be found in big shopping centres

This book is the result of and investigation that we've carried out with the help of experts in the field and our own personal experiences; in order to look into the products that are sold in supermarkets and big shopping centres. With the results obtained we look for products to substitute those that don't provide any benefits to the human body or are especially harmful and toxic. As a result: we lost weight and body fat without dieting and without depriving ourselves of any food product; we spend less on weekly food expenses, we are more energetic, have better life quality, can concentrate better, are less tired and don't suffer from headaches or painful joints. The advantages are enormous, by simply making certain changes in our eating habits and without cutting out anything that's essential. With this book we share our personal experience, a family of three, who are concerned about their own and their children's health. We hope to encourage other people to experiment as we have and see the benefits for themselves.


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Blackwell Publishing | ISBN: 0632064781 | 2004-11-01 | 448 pages | PDF | 5 Mb This single-source reference draws together the current knowledge of the vitamins' biological properties in the context of human nutrition. Vitamins are co-enzymes, antioxidants or precursors of hormones and are therefore involved in a great many biochemical and physiological processes. They play a vital role in the maintenance of health, and there is evidence that dietary sources of vitamins have beneficial effects in the prevention of heart-related diseases, bone diseases and possibly cancer. Following introductory chapters on historical and nutritional aspects of vitamins, the next four chapters cover relevant and detailed aspects of physiology and functional anatomy, biochemistry, immunology and the regulation of protein synthesis by nuclear hormone receptors. These background chapters, supported by a glossary of terms, provide the scientific principles upon which vitamin functions are based. The following thirteen chapters deal with each vitamin in turn. Subject areas include chemical structure, intestinal absorption, transport, metabolism, biochemical and physiological actions, immunoregulatory properties, deficiency-related diseases and potential toxicity. An extensive bibliography refers the reader to the original research literature. Vitamins is aimed at nutritionists, biochemists, physiologists and physicians whether they be researchers, teachers or students. Food scientists, food technologists and many others working in the health professions will also find much of use and interest in the book. The inclusion of the theoretical principles in the background chapters makes the book an ideal starting point for those working outside the area who need a solid overview of the subject.

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