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English | 2007-10-01 | ISBN: 0849304881 | 2640 pages | PDF | 75 Mb
The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 88th Edition continues to offer the most authoritative, up-to-date data to scientists around the world. This edition contains NEW tables on Properties of Ionic Liquids, Solubilities of Hydrocarbons in Sea Water, Solubility of Organic Compounds in Superheated Water, and Nutritive Value of Foods. It also updates many tables including Critical Constants, Heats of Vaporization, Aqueous Solubility of Organic Compounds, Vapor Pressure of Mercury, Scientific Abbreviations and Symbols, and Bond Dissociation Energies. The 88th Edition also presents a new Foreword written by Dr. Harold Kroto, a 1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry. The Chemical Rubber Company issues its 88th edition of authoritative listings of Fundamental Physical Constants and other scientific data necessary for university and professional research. The Handbook is broken up into 16 Sections followed by two appendices and an index, all of which are listed as follows: Section 1: Basic Constants, Units, and Conversion Factors
Section 2: Symbols, Terminology, and Nomenclature
Section 3: Physical Constants of Organic Chemistry
Section 4: Properties of the Elements and Inorganic Compounds
Section 5: Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, and Kinetics
Section 6: Fluid Properties
Section 7: Biochemistry
Section 8: Analytical Chemistry
Section 9: Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy
Section 10: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Section 11: Nuclear and Particle Physics
Section 12: Properties of Solids
Section 13: Polymer Properties
Section 14: Geophysics, Astronomy, and Acoustics
Section 15: Practical Laboratory Data
Section 16: Health and Safety Information
Appendix A: Mathematical Tables
Appendix B: Sources of Physical and Chemical Data It must be said early on that this Handbook is not intended to provide any type of tutorial on the topics, but is the product of many experiments from among the various fields mentioned in the listed sections above. The Handbook is a collection of scientific facts and values to be used for calculations and experiments.


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