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Learning MVC architecture with PHP: to exit beginners, before entering frameworks (1)


English | 20 Oct. 2017 | ASIN: B076MQHZ6N | 346 Pages | AZW3 | 10.81 MB

Hello everyone.
This is a book I wrote for those who want to get knowledge, concepts necessary to exit beginners and be intermediate levels to be able to use frameworks.
Practical level up is to write and read many programs anyway, but even if you memorise a lot of methods, write it and try it, that kind of things can be done in Google search or a dictionary, AI will replace them eventually.

We human beings should grasp the structure, the whole picture.
The concept of MVC is not perfect, but at the moment it is a mainstream in development concepts in the field, and that concept is adopted in many frameworks.

I created a sample web application using PHP and MySQL, and Smarty which is a template engine.

While doing the analysis of it together in this book, it is likely that this is the prototype of MVC. I hope that you think so.

PHP grammar, class, database access by PDO are not explained in this document.
MySQL setup procedure is described but assumes that you know the basic operation. I do not explain the SQL statement.
HTML neither.

Please take this book after you wear them on another occasion or book.

The sample web application is a very simple authentication system, but a bit tough for beginners as it is about 25 files in all, a total of 2000 rows of code.

Relax. It is not esoteric indeed.

I call the sample application "Sample Auth System" from now on.

I made it readable on Kindle Paperwhite too, but optimised for Kindle for PC.

I recommend to learn while chasing after the code carefully, as you read this book on Kindle for PC.

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