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Loadbang: Programming electronic music in Pure Data


2008 | 294 Pages | ISBN: 3955930556 | PDF | 12.9 MB

This book is the result of my experience of teaching electronic music. Through the teaching process, I became familiar with the most common stumbling blocks students encounter - especially when the student's native language is not the language in which lessons are conducted. Pd (Pure Data) is a professional, high-performance programming language for electronic sound processing. It is open source , i.e. available for free on the Internet. One disadvantage of this is that Pd is only discussed in certain institutions or Internet forums. The complicated technical terminology usually found there is enormously difficult for beginners to understand. This book will help first-time users to clear those first few hurdles when learning Pd.
Pd's main designer, Miller Puckette, is also writing a book about the theory and technology of electronic music processing with Pd. Surely there is no better teacher of a programming language than the person who designed it; his primarily scientific approach certainly does cover all the material in a thorough, systematic fashion. However, his method of teaching can be difficult to comprehend. My pedagogical experience has been that Puckette's text demands a large amount of mathematical, computer science, and terminological knowledge from its readers.


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