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Making Millions For Dummies


English | 2008 | ISBN: 0470276746 | 388 pages | PDF | 58 MB

The must-have guide to achieving great wealth

Making Millions For Dummies lays out in simple, easy-to-understand steps the best ways to achieve wealth. Through a proven methodology of saving, building a successful business, smart investing, and carefully managing assets, this up-front, reliable guide shows readers how to achieve millionaire or multimillionaire status. It provides the lowdown on making wise financial decisions, with guidance on managing investments and inheritances, minimizing taxes, making money grow, and, most important, how to avoid common and costly financial mistakes. Millionaire wannabes will see how to maintain financial security throughout their life with this easy-to-follow road map to financial independence. For individuals who yearn to make millions but don't want to be restricted to owning or running a business, the book features other options, such as inventing and patenting the next big thing, consulting, selling high-value collectibles, and flipping or owning real estate.

Your practical guide to taking control of your money and achieving great wealth
Want to be a millionaire? You can! This no-nonsense guide shows you how to make your financial dreams come true with a proven method of saving, smart investing, and solid moneymaking opportunities. You'll see how to make wise financial decisions, minimize taxes, avoid costly mistakes, and ride out an unstable economy in order to reach your goals.
Get your finances in order - understand your relationship with money and lay the groundwork for setting and meeting your financial security goals
Start building wealth today - get rid of bad debt, start and stick to a savings plan, and maximize your paycheck
Begin a venture to make your millions - explore proven wealth-building opportunities, including starting your own business, coming up with an invention, capitalizing on an inheritance, and investing in real estate
Manage your money wisely - know your risk tolerance, get help from the pros, and minimize your tax liability
Plan for the unexpected and the inevitable - protect your assets, plan for your heirs, and keep your finances in good health
Stay financially secure for the rest of your life - reshape your attitude toward money and make the right financial security decisions
Open the book and find:
What you can do to immediately improve your finances
The difference between good and bad debt
Proven strategies for building wealth
How to invest for income or growth
Money pitfalls and poor practices to avoid
Ways to free up your money and make it work for you
A plan for working out finances with your partner
Tips for protecting your credit-worthiness

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