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Preventing Cognitive Decline and Dementia: A Way Forward


Committee on Preventing Dementia and Cognitive Impairment; Board on Health Sciences Policy; Health and Medicine Division; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
NAS Press | 2017 | ISBN: 0309459591 9780309459594 | 181 Pages | PDF | 11 MB

This volume assesses the current state of knowledge on interventions to prevent cognitive decline and dementia, and informs future research in this area. This book provides recommendations of appropriate content for inclusion in public health messages from the National Institute on Aging.

Societies around the world are concerned about dementia and the other forms of cognitive impairment that affect many older adults. We now know that brain changes typically begin years before people show symptoms, which suggests a window of opportunity to prevent or delay the onset of these conditions. Emerging evidence that the prevalence of dementia is declining in high-income countries offers hope that public health interventions will be effective in preventing or delaying cognitive impairments. Until recently, the research and clinical communities have focused primarily on understanding and treating these conditions after they have developed. Thus, the evidence base on how to prevent or delay these conditions has been limited at best, despite the many claims of success made in popular media and advertising. Today, however, a growing body of prevention research is emerging.

1 Introduction
2 Communicating with the Public about Interventions to Prevent Cognitive Decline and Dementia
3 Methodological Improvements
4 Priorities for Future Research
Appendix: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Systematic Review


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