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Small Places, Large Issues - Second Edition: An Introduction to Social and Cultu


Small Places, Large Issues - Second Edition: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
Pluto Press | ISBN 0745317723 | 2001-04-20 | PDF | 352pages | 1.2 Mb
Informative and thought-provoking; however not an easy read "Small Places, Large Issues" is an introductory textbook on the topic of Social Anthropology: the comparative study of humans in a social and cultural context. Dr Eriksen is a professor of Social Anthropology, and therefore the book is written more or less on an academic style and perspective. It covers most possible aspects: kinship, gender and age, politics and power, local organisation, religion and rituals, nationality and minorities, etc. In addition it contains brief biographies of the most important Anthropologists, quotes and references of Anthropologists and other renown Sociologists (Durkheim, Weber, Marx, etc.) as well as numerous examples and case studies -both from "traditional" and "modern" societies- relevant each time on the topic concerned. I believe apart from being informative, it is a highly stimulative book catapulting the reader with food for thought. For example, did you know that all humans have 99.8% of their genes in common or that even our feelings can be social products and not natural! However, sometimes it tends to be overwhelming and tiring with all that amount of information and theories on so many different levels.


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