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Spectral Sensing Research for Water Monitoring Applications


2008 | 503 Pages | ISBN: 9812833234 | PDF | 32.3 MB

This book provides unique perspectives on both state-of-the-art hyperspectral techniques for the early-warning monitoring of water supplies against chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) contamination effects as well as the emerging spectroscopic science and technology base that will be used to support an array of CBR defense and security applications in the future. The technical content in this book lends itself to the non-traditional requirements for point and stand-off detection that have evolved out of the US joint services programs over many years. In particular, the scientific and technological work presented seeks to enable hyperspectral-based sensing and monitoring that is real-time; in-line; low in cost and labor; and easy to support, maintain and use in military- and security-relevant scenarios.
Contents: Chip-Size Wavelength Detectors (O Schmidt et al.); THz Spectroscopy of Proteins in Water: Direct Absorption and Circular Dichroism (J Xu et al.); Reagentless Bio-Sampling Methods for IR Detection (L D Doucette et al.); Terahertz-Based Detectors Using Cold-Atom Optics (F J Crowne et al.); Deep-UV Based Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter for Spectral Sensing Applications (N S Prasad); Surface-Plasmon-Resonance Based Optical Sensing (N J M Horing & H L Cui); The Spin-Hall Effect in p-Type Bulk Semiconductors (S Y Liu et al.); In-Line Optical Fiber Structures for Environmental Sensing (A Dhawan et al.); and other papers.


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