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The Muslim Tipping Point


English | Aug. 6, 2017 | ASIN: B074M7MH1K | 48 Pages | ePub | 0.50 MB

Following the terrorist attaks in Manchester, London and across Europe everyone is wondering how did we get to the situation we are in. How did it start and where will it end?
All the signs are that we are now hovering on a Tipping Point with the alternatives of a downward spiral or, more optimistically, creation of a British community within which Muslims and non Muslims respect each other, interact and work together harmoniously.
The author of The Muslim Tipping Point, Daniel Taylor, worked in the Middle East over twenty years ago, alongside Arab Muslims and expatriate Muslims from other non Arab countries, listening to their views, thoughts and hopes. At the time, he reflected on the welfare system that is enshrined within their family values, upon their loathing of alcohol based on a sound regard for their health and the Muslim culture that has protected them through the strength of their tribe and family. He also observed at first hand the brutal way, by Western standards, that they enforce their religious and family obligations.
Twenty years on, the author felt he had to write The Muslim Tipping Point out of sheer despair at how little he felt the views of many, traditional British Muslims have changed over these years, especially the views of the Muslims who have remained in isolated communities.The author believes that the impact of the extreme views of these ordinary Muslims has been grossly under estimated by the Government who have put most of their focus upon the impact of extreme preaching.
The Muslim Tipping Point explains how non Muslims need to focus on understanding the Muslim culture rather than obsessing about the Islamic religion if we are to enable British Muslims, especially young Muslims, to share the benefits that arise from our country's creativity, individuality and desire to question.
Unlike so many doom-mongers, the author believes that this greater understanding could tip the balance towards a more unified British community with Muslims retaining and satisfying the tenets of their religion. To this end The Muslim Tipping Point explains what created our current situation and why he believes young Muslims worldwide are drawn to terrorism. Closely linked to these issues he explains how the British Government's Middle Eastern policies have inflamed the situation rather than damping it down.
The author then focuses on the crucial differences between Western and Muslim culture and how these differences influence the authority that Muslims follow in the UK and how social skills, attitudes and education have influenced integration.
The Muslim Tipping Point could help us all to radically rethink how to move forward together.


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