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Azure Cosmos DB and DocumentDB Succinctly


English | March 5, 2018 | ASIN: B07B8FH59Z | 103 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

DocumentDB is a NoSQL database platform that serves as the base of Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft's new globally-distributed, multi-model database service. In Azure Cosmos DB and DocumentDB Succinctly by Ed Freitas, you will learn about many of DocumentDB's features, how it compares to traditional databases, how to build scalable applications with it, and why it's a great option for developing web apps. Freitas delivers just what developers need to set up their first DocumentDB collection, query their data, write code for the client side and the server side, and more.
Azure Cosmos DB from Microsoft is a globally-distributed, multi-model data service that lets you elastically scale throughput and storage across any number of geographical regions using low latency, high availability, and consistency. Azure Cosmos DB's database engine natively supports DocumentDB's SQL dialect, MongoDB API, Gremlin (graph) API, and Azure Table storage APIs.
In this book, we'll focus on the DocumentDB part of Cosmos DB, which is Microsoft's NoSQL document database platform that runs on Azure. SQL stands for Structured Query Language and it's an acronym associated with relational databases, as it is the standard and most widely used language for working with relational databases.


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