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Clinical Pharmacy Pocket Companion, Second Edition


English | 2016 | ISBN: 0857111574 | 567 Pages | PDF | 3 MB

New second edition of this pocket book containing concise and practical pharmaceutical information for busy clinical pharmacists.

Clinical Pharmacy Pocket Companion, second edition, is a comprehensive A-Z handbook containing a range of tools, suggestions and advice for administering effective pharmaceutical care. Bringing together a wealth of information not easily found in other reference sources, it provides essential, practical data for daily use by clinical pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

In this edition, the authors have rewritten and revised all topics and over 60% of the topics are new, adding appeal for community as well as hospital pharmacists. It is an essential handy guide and aims to complement existing resources used regularly such as the British National Formulary (BNF), and the local hospital formulary.

This book is an invaluable tool for practising pharmacists, medical staff, clinical technicians and pharmacy students, providing information on obscure problems as well as routine queries.

"The book can be described as having three main functions: an aide-memoire to resolve routine queries; a prompt to seek further information; and a means to record personal information by utilising blank spaces provided at the end of each entry and section?? Although the topics are not presented in a standard format, each is well written and provides valuable information and relevant references?? This book will be useful to any person delivering a clinical pharmacy service, either in a primary or secondary healthcare environment. It provides information on obscure problems, as well as routine queries?? community pharmacists will find that the book has immense value in supporting their clinical activities, particularly when offering post-hospital discharge pharmaceutical care." - Laurence A. Goldberg, The Pharmaceutical Journal, Feb 2016


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