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Coaching Positively: Lessons for Coaches from Positive Psychology


English | 2011 | ISBN: 033524114X, 0335241158 | 184 pages | PDF | 1 MB

Coaching is a positive practice which focuses on building people's resourcefulness and positive beliefs about themselves. Recent research into positive psychology supports and builds upon current coaching practice and also refines it. This straightforward, practical book brings together: substantial psychological research; the author's experience of coaching and the practice of many other coaches; examples from coaching clients that shows what has worked best for them; and, the importance of relationships, autonomy and achievement in the coaching process.

Like many other coaches, managers and consultants, Matt Driver has found this relatively new field to be inspiring and to offer practical insights into his work. It is proving to be of enormous value to people who are interested in what works rather than what does not and who aim to fulfil themselves by developing their natural strengths. Whether you are a coach or a line manager, learning the skills or commissioning coaching for others, you will find this book adds to your knowledge of current practice and gives you a range of practical tools and techniques that will have an immediate impact.


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