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Financial Statements.xls: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Financial Statements Using Microsoft Excel


LM | 2005/2010 | ISBN: 2004097957 9782004097958 | 346 Pages | PDF with xls | 10 MB

This guide for financial professionals helps in the full preparation of financial statements and management reports using Microsoft Excel, regardless of the size and complexity of the organization.

This book contains two parts. Part One: Creating the Financial Statements.xls Workbook This part contains ten chapters. It starts with an explanation of what each worksheet in the Financial Statements.xls workbook contains, and then moves on to discussing adding and automatically updating adjustments to Trial Balance, updating the Trial Balances data worksheet and creating Financial Statements worksheets reports. It also provides information regarding automating Notes numbers, customizing the Financial Statements.xls workbook by adding custom menus for easier navigation, operating macros that print and mail the Financial Statements reports while protecting the financial data, and much more. Part Two: Analyzing Financial Statements and Creating Management Financial Reports This part contains five chapters. It provides detailed explanations regarding how to create and present five-year comparison Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports and prepare Income Statements for monthly or quarterly ending reporting periods while dealing with fiscal year-end reporting periods. It also discusses how to use PivotTable reports to prepare and analyze Income Statement reports by Profit Centers, and to prepare the ratio analysis figures for managements needs and decision makers, both inside and outside the firm.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing Financial Statements.xls Worksheets
Chapter 2: Adjusting the Trial Balance
Chapter 3: Updating the Trial Balances Data Worksheet
Chapter 4: Balance Sheet
Chapter 5: Income Statement
Chapter 6: Cash Flow
Chapter 7: Notes
Chapter 8: Customizing the Financial Statements.xls Workbook and Presenting Information
Chapter 9: Protecting Financial Data
Chapter 10: Printing and Mailing Financial Statements Reports
Chapter 11: Balance Sheet Five-year Comparison Reports
Chapter 12: Income Statement Five-year and Quarterly Comparison Reports
Chapter 13: Analyzing Financial Statements Using PivotTable and PivotChart Reports
Chapter 14: Analyzing Financial Statements and Calculating the Ratio Analysis
Chapter 15: Analyzing Profit Centers

* Complete searchable eBook
* Sample Financial Statements in Excel workbook file
* Excel workbook files contain all data and formulas covered in the book
* Additional: A number of free Add-Ins


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