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Game Engine Gems, Volume One


Eric Lengyel, "Game Engine Gems, Volume One"
Jones Bartlett Publishers | 2010 | ISBN: 0763778885 | 362 pages | File type: PDF | 10,1 mb
Game Engine Gems brings together in a single volume dozens of new articles from leading professionals in the game development industry. Each gem presents a previously unpublished technique related to game engines and real-time virtual simulations. Specific topics include rendering techniques, shaders, scene organization, visibility determination, collision detection, audio, user interface, input devices, memory management, artificial intelligence, resource organization, and cross-platform considerations. A CD-ROM containing all the source codes and demos accompanies the book.

Summary: A reference that should be on hand for any game developer, professional or amateur
Rating: 5

An engine is simply a set of tools to create one's art in video games. "Game Engine Gems 1" is a collection of tips and tricks from countless software experts who have figured out how to make their desired game engine do what they want to create what they want and reach for that hit game or make that breakthrough technological innovation. Wisely using one's art assets, smarter artificial intelligence, creative uses for a physics engine, more vivid environments, all are discussed with plenty of ideas to make them work. With lots of example code and plenty of diagrams, "Game Engine Gems 1" is a reference that should be on hand for any game developer, professional or amateur.



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