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Jim Gleason - RPM Guitar Method


Jim Gleason - RPM Guitar MethodRock Performance Music | 1992 | ISBN: n/a | File type: PDF/Mp3 | 1400 pages | 1200 mb


Guitar Instruction. Guitar lessons on Rock, Blues, Folk, and Jazz guitar theory and technique. Jim Gleason's guitar course has sold worldwide since 1983. It includes over 4,000 pages of books, 40 hours of video and 30 hours of audio. Style studies of Clapton, Hendrix, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, King, Satriani, Page, Berry, Beatles, Marley, Vai, Malmsteen, Santana, and more.

Jim Gleason's Guitar Encyclopedia is the world's most complete set of study materials for the guitar. Use it to thoroughly learn scales, arpeggios and chord fingerings.develop world-class technique, improvisation and compositional skills.learn everything you need to know about rhythm, theory, music reading, chord progression, guitar tone and effectsand enjoy it!

The course covers a wide variety of styles, including 1950's through 1990's rock, blues, jazz, classical, folk, reggae and metal.
Beginning Guitar

This book includes 221 lessons intended for the first year or two of study. In this easy step-by-step book, each lesson prepares you for the next. Get a rock-solid foundation in all the important subjects on guitar playing. 412-page book with four CD's

Beginning Guitar includes practical and effective technical exercises; rhythm and solo guitar pieces in Blues, Rock, Classical, Folk, Jazz and Reggae styles. Learn to play in the styles of Robert Johnson, Bach, Albert King, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, Bob Marley and others.

Beginning guitar will teach you to read and play rhythms. You will learn to play scales and improvise with them. There are thorough lessons on ear training, beginning theory and fingering. Very detailed technical studies show you everything you need to know about fretting, chording, slurring, picking and plucking. In many cases, the same information is presented in multiple perspectives, providing the reader with better insights and understanding.

Most of the over two hundred lessons included in Beginning Guitar are supported with a recording on one of the three CD's included with the book. The CD's are also included with the Beginning Guitar Book/Video Package.
Intermediate Guitar

This book picks up where Beginning Guitar leaves off. Here, you'll aquire the techniques and knowldedge necessary to begin permorming or recording.

Intermediate Guitar offers exhaustive coverage of technique, fingering, improvising, rhythm guitar, music theory, modes and reading. It includes style studies of Vaughan, King, Clapton, Hendrix, Van Halen, Vai, Satriani and Beck.

All of the important lessons included in Intermediate Guitar are supported with recordings on the three CD's included with the book. That includes all of the Blues Rock and Classic Rock guitar solo style studies. The CD's are also included with the Intermediate Guitar Book/Video Package described below.
Advanced Guitar

Become a versatile and capable guitarist, fluent in improvising and compositional skills. Develop an expert knowledge of harmony, fingering, melodic techniques and chord progression. Learn to read an analyze any piece of music put in front of you. Do more than get prepared for performanceexcel at it!

All of the important lessons included in Advanced Guitar are supported with recordings on the CD's included with the book.

This 308-page book includes three CD's
Arpeggio Scale Relationship

This book by Jim Gleason and Dave Creamer is an invaluable tool in improvising, composing and arranging. It is particularly pertinent to the more sophisticated styles such as jazz, but also applicable to blues and rock.

It is a complete study of chord synonyms scale tone arpeggios. Every scale chord in common use. Each of the melodic studies from the book is played on the CD which is included.

304 page book, one CD.


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