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La Jacinthe Schooner 1825. Monograpf History


La Jacinthe Schooner 1825. Monograpf History By Jean Boudriot
Publisher: ANCRE 2000 | 74 Pages 6 Plans | ISBN: 2903178240 | PNG | English | 176 mb

Schooner 1825. Monograph History. Monograph and Plans 1/48 scale. La Jacinthe was one of a class of eleven schooners builts for the French Navy to draughts of the shipwright J.F Delamorinière. The first six, of which la Jacinthe was one, were built in 1823, five others following a year later. Designed for service in the Colonies, protecting merchant shipping, la Jacinthe also saw action at the blockade of Cadiz in September 1823, six month after her launch in Toulon. Lighly armed with two 12 - pdr carronades and with fine lines, these elegant little vessels made excellent avisos and cruisers; they gave reliable service for some twenty years in French Navy, the last one being deleted from the active in 1844. Their smalls dimensions (21 metres long and 5,8 metres in beam to inside of plank), and the fact that they are carvel rather than clinker built, make them ideal subjects for the relatively inexperienced modelmaker. For students of the great age of sail, the schooner is a subject which follows on logically from those already treated in the series, the brig, the cutter and the lugger. This book gives the detailed historical background to the schooners of the French Navy, describing their rig and armament, internal arrangements and deck fourniture. It discusses in detail development of the schooner in its evolving forms, illustring each part with iconographic material drawn from many sources, much of which has never previously been published. Five sheets of plans to 1/48 scale are bound in with the text, ans spare sets inserted loose at the back of the book. As always, Jean Boudriot's drawings cover even the smallest fittings with total clarity and historical accuracy.

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