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Michel 2008 - The Entire World


The Michel Stamp catalog 2008: The Entire World (18 volumes)
Michel | German | 2005-2008 | ISBN: n/a | 1000-1500 pages in the each volume | JPG Scanned | full size: 5,56 Gb
The Michel catalog (MICHEL-Briefmarken-Katalog) is the largest and best-known stamp catalog in the world. First published in 1910, it has become an important reference work for philately, with information not available in the English-language Scott catalog.
The catalog started out as a price list for the dealer Hugo Michel of Apolda. By 1920 it was split into two volumes, for "Europe" and "overseas", and eventually grew to a present-day size of about a dozen volumes covering the entire world, with additional specialized volumes bringing the total to some forty catalogs. It extensively covers specialized Germany collecting including the complex WW2 era stamps of Germany, occupied territories, and provisional stamps.

Unlike Scott, Michel does not issue a complete set of catalogs every year, instead updating only several of the volumes. Michel is also more detailed, with quantities issued, sheet formats, and so forth. Also of significance to some collectors is its coverage of countries and periods omitted by Scott for editorial or political reasons. For instance, US embargoes against Cuba, Iraq, and North Korea are reflected by Scott's failure to show market values for those countries' stamp issues (as late as 2002, Scott did not supply any information at all about North Korean stamps), and Michel is one of few sources for that information.

Michel also documents stamps issued apparently with little or no intent of being used to pay postage and stamps issued by regions or areas with dubious political status. Scott excludes many issues that were unlikely to be actually used to pay postage.

The Ftirst (Black Penny) and the second stamps in The World (I have both of them :))


Europe (colour):
Band 1. Europe - Mitteleuropa, 2006 ?1143 pages
Band 2. Europe - Sudwesteuropa, 2006 ?1171 pages
Band 3. Europe - Sudeuropa, 2006-2007 ?1176 pages
Band 4. Europe - Sudosteuropa, 2006-2007 ?1101 pages
Band 5. Europe - Nordeuropa, 2006-2007 ?881 pages
Band 6. Europe ?Westeuropa, 2006-2007 ?1089 pages
Band 7. Europe ?Osteuropa, 2006-2007 ?1021 pages
15 Deutschland 2005-2006

01 Nord- und Mittelamerika 2007
02 Karibische Inseln 2007
03 Sudamerika 2007

04 Nord- und Ostafrica 2007 - 1451 pages
05 Westafrika 2007
06 Sud- und Zentralafrika 2007

Australien und Okeanien
07 Australien und Okeanien 2005-2006 (updated) - 1555 pages

08 Sud- und Sudostasien (????) 2006 (updated) - 1789 pages
09 Mittel- und- Ostasien (????) 2006 (updated) - 1789 pages
10 Naher Osten 2007-2008

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