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Modeling and Valuation of Energy Structures: Analytics, Econometrics, and Numerics


2016 | ISBN-10: 1137560142 | 455 Pages | PDF | 3 MB
This book is a comprehensive guide to quantitative and statistical approaches that have been successfully employed in support of trading operations.


"A very interesting book that offers a concise and rigorous presentation of a wide range of methods analytical, numerical, and econometric and their application to the truly important risk management problems in the energy markets. The book is expertly written, its material remarkably relevant. The book will be beneficial to anyone interested in understanding the use of mathematical methods in the world of commodities."

-Alexander Eydeland, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

"Mahoney presents a comprehensive and detailed coverage of techniques used in quantitative analysis of energy markets in a very readable form. This book will prove invaluable to anyone involved in or studying the energy markets."

-Jon Fox, Options Trader, Trafigura

"An essential read for anybody who wants to better understand the analytical challenges involved in modeling commodities markets and how to approach them. After a brief introduction to market structures and products, the book focuses on real world applications and best analytical and numerical practices for how to value and manage the risk around commodities assets and contracts. Written for the intermediate to advanced reader, the book provides a comprehensive, yet concise overview of mathematical and statistical methods required."

-Harald Ullrich, Vice President of Commercial Analytics, Exelon

"Rapid changes in energy markets caused by deregulation and innovation have created a challenging environment for consumers and market participants alike. Dr Mahoney's book provides clear instruction on state-of-the-art modeling and risk management approaches for energy products."

-Steven B. Perfect, Associate Professor of Finance, Florida State University


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