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PowerShell for SQL Server Essentials


English | Feb 25, 2015 | ISBN: 1784391492 | 183 Pages | EPUB/PDF (Converted) | 13.2 MB

PowerShell for SQL Server Essentials helps us to manage and monitor server administration and application deployment. Use PowerShell along with SQL Server to perform common DBA tasks.

Manage and monitor SQL Server administration and application deployment with PowerShell

About This Book

Create scripts using PowerShell to manage and monitor server administration and application deployment
Automate creation of SQL Database objects through PowerShell with the help of SQL Server module (SQLPS) and SQL Server snapins
A fast paced guide, packed with hands-on examples on profiling and configuring SQL Server

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for SQL Server administrators and developers who want to leverage PowerShell to work with SQL Server. Some background with scripting will be helpful but not necessary.

In Detail

Starting with a basic introduction to PowerShell, the initial chapters will provide the SQL Server professional PowerShell fundamentals, covering topics such as PowerShell notations and syntax, cmdlets, pipeline, and getting help. Succeeding chapters build upon these fundamentals, and illustrate how to administer and automate SQL Server. Tasks covered throughout include profiling the SQL Server instance, performing backup and restores, invoking T-SQL scripts using PowerShell, and monitoring jobs, security, and permissions.

Packed with practical examples and numerous ready-to-use snippets, this book gets you to an intermediate level in using PowerShell for SQL Server.


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