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Principles of Biology


by Christina A. Crawford
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1682173259 | 626 Pages | PDF | 55 MB

Designed to provide students and researchers with a solid foundation to the study of biology, this volume introduces readers to hundreds of important terms and concepts. The volume begins with a detailed introduction of the field of biology. Written in clear, understandable language, entries include a complete discussion of the subject, related fields, key terms, plus illustrations, models and diagrams.

The 112 entries range from Activation Energy to Zoology and are arranged in an A to Z order, making it easy to find the topic of interest. Entries include the following:

- Related fields of study to illustrate the connections between the various branches of biology including biochemistry, anthropology, reproduction science, physics, classical genetics, and cell biology;
- A brief, concrete summary of the topic and how the entry is organized;
- Principal terms and concepts that are fundamental to the discussion and to understanding the concepts presented;
- Basic principles that clarify the essentials of the topic
- Text that gives an explanation of how it works, important discoveries, key figures in the study of biology, or applications in fields such as medicine or industry;
- Illustrations that clarify difficult concepts via models, diagrams, and charts of such key topics as cell communication, cell and tissue engineering, DNA and RNA synthesis;
- Photographs of significant contributors to the field of physical science;
- Fascinating facts about the topic or field; sidebars devoted to important figures such as Comte de Buffon and Thomas Hunt Morgan; essays about topics such as sequestration and mutualism;
- Further reading lists that relate to the entry.


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