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Retribution - J. Robert Kennedy


English | 2017 | 324 Pages | ISBN: 1975778944 | EPUB | 517.38 KB
A CRIPPLING CYBERATTACK. A HEART-WRENCHING LOSS. WILL ONE MAN'S THIRST FOR REVENGE LEAD TO WAR? Two years ago, cyber security specialist Clayton Hummel unknowingly betrayed his country for love, and today, billionaire Franklin Temple pays the price. Blinded by grief and rage, and dissatisfied with his government's response, Temple uses his considerable wealth to take matters into his own hands, and bring justice to those responsible for the greatest cyberattack in history. And his thirst for revenge may just lead us to war. Join CIA Special Agent Dylan Kane and his team, as they race a grieving father to find those responsible for a ransomware attack that crippled millions of computers around the world, including those in one town, in one hospital, where one young, innocent patient died as a result. From USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy comes another torn from the headlines thriller, Retribution, where he once again takes current events and twists them to his own end, delivering a taut action-packed page-turner certain to leave you wondering who to cheer for. Packed with heartache and pain, hope and romance, and enough thrilling action and laughter to satisfy any fan of the genre, Retribution delivers like only Kennedy can. Reserve your copy now, and be among the first to read what might be tomorrow's headlines!


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