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Smart Women Love Money: 5 Simple, Life-Changing Rules of Investing


ISBN: 1682450031 | 2017 | EPUB | 240 Pages | 3 MB

Do you:

Feel you're too busy to invest your money?
Rely on someone else to deal?
Get bored by financial talk?
Think that investing is something only men do?
Worry you're not smart enough?

Think again.

Women who have advanced in so many areas still have a blind spot when it comes to managing their own money, even though as many as nine out of ten of them, at some point in their lives, will have to independently manage their finances and those of their family. Whether they're starting a career, home raising children, or heading up a major corporation, women need to know how to invest wisely and make their money work for them. Yet studies show that most women have little or no confidence in their abilities, or even any interest in developing them.

Alice Finn plans to change that. In Smart Women Love Money, Finn shows you can have it all and pay for it yourself, too?Cyou just have to shake your fears and learn how. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a successful wealth management adviser, Finn will show you how to invest in your financial future with 5 simple rules that cut through the unnecessarily complex jargon of Wall Street. You don't need to know how to structure intricate equations - you just need some basic common sense. With Smart Women Love Money, you can learn how to talk about and manage your own investing so that you're in better control of your money and future.

The 5 life-changing rules will: motivate you to invest, focus you on strategy that really matters, simplify your investing, keep you on track, and ensure your fees are low so you don't lose half your wealth to Wall Street (yes, many people do that and don't even know it's happening).

Whether you have $10, $10,000, or more, it's time to get smart about your money.


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