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Sociology of Sexuality [TTC]


Sociology of Sexuality, Taught by Paul Wolpe
Published by The Teaching Company, 1995 | 10 lectures, 45 minutes/lecture, out of print, with guidebook (PDF)
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Lectures on sexuality from a sociological perspective.

01 - Sexuality from a Sociological Perspective
02 - Sexuality in Historical Perspective
03 - Studying Sexuality
04 - Gender Roles and Sexuality
05 - Sexual Orientation
06 - Love and Lust, Marriage and Divorce
07 - Ethical Sexual Behavior - Morality, Religion and Law
08 - Hidden Sexualities
09 - Sexuality and Social Problems
10 - Modern Images of Sexuality

About Professor :
Paul Root Wolpe is currently a Senior Scholar on the faculty of the Center for Bioethics at
the University of Pennsylvania, and is on the faculty of the Department of
Sociology at Perm, where he has taught for the past nine years.
Wolpe is the author, with Janell Carroll, Ph.D., of Sexuality and Gender in
Society, a textbook from HarperCollins being published in December, 1995. He
has also published in the sociological and the medical literature on topics such
as deviance, alternative medicine, bioethics, and professionalism.

Excerpt from the first lesson:
Sexuality from a Sociological Perspective
After this lecture, students should have a basic knowledge of the different
approaches that have been used to understand human sexuality. They should
also be familiar with some of the more prominent theorists in the fields,
recognizing both their contributions and the weaknesses of their approaches.
Finally, students should begin to appreciate the ways society itself molds not
only our attitudes about sexuality, but scholarly theories about sexuality;
theorists are also socialized into the real world and are influenced by it.



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