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Understanding Problems of Practice: A Case Study in Design Research


English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 78 Pages | ISBN : 3319775588 | 1.92 MB

Today, K-12 practitioners are challenged to become educational innovators. Yet, little is available to the practitioner to guide their reflection about the design, development, and implementation of these innovations in their own practice. This brief approaches such problems of practice from the perspectives of design research.
Although design research typically centers on the partnership between researchers and practitioners in real-world settings, relationships between researchers and practitioners are not always practical. In this brief, the authors explore how the design research process can make the goals, assumptions, processes, methods, and outcomes of design research uniquely accessible to the practitioner. In clear, explicit language, it introduces design research to practitioners using both expository discussions and a robust narrative case study approach that ably guides the reader through the phases of design research, namely:

Theory to innovation to practice
Understanding problems of practice
Creating a design solution
Assessing the design solution
Evaluating learning outcomes
Capturing lessons for practice
Understanding Problems of Practice is a singular resource for teachers and practitioners enrolled in graduate research courses or courses on teacher leadership. It also lends itself well as a supplement to professional development activities and studies at the district, school, and professional learning community levels.


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