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William Frederick Cody


William Frederick Cody
Publisher: Sheffield House | 185 pages | 1920 | File type: PDF | 181 mb

William Frederick Cody ("Buffalo Bill") got his nickname after he undertook a contract to supply Kansas Pacific Railroad workers with buffalo meat. The nickname originally referred to Bill Comstock.[1] Cody earned the nickname by killing 4,280 American Bison (commonly known as buffalo) in eight months (1867??8). He and Comstock eventually competed in a shooting match over the exclusive right to use the name, which Cody won.
In addition to his documented service as a soldier during the Civil War and as Chief of Scouts for the Third Cavalry during the Plains Wars, Cody claimed to have worked many jobs, including as a trapper, bullwhacker, "Fifty-Niner" in Colorado, a Pony Express rider in 1860, wagonmaster, stagecoach driver, and even a hotel manager, but it's unclear which claims were factual and which were fabricated for purposes of publicity. He became world famous for his Wild West Shows. In Italy, the adventure story writer Emilio Salgari met Buffalo Bill, saw his show, and later put him as a hero in some of Salgari's novels.

An autobiography of Buffalo Bill
Publisher: Random House; 1st edition | ISBN-10: 14379356 | 316 pages | 1982 | File type: PDF | 13.71 mb

William F. Cody
1846 - 1917
William Cody was a man who never stood still. While in his teens, he honed his frontier skills as a scout for the Union Army. After the Civil War, his deadly efficiency as a buffalo hunter for railroad crews earned him the nickname, "Buffalo Bill". Cody later returned to scouting for the army, but as the West grew more settled, he needed more excitement. So in 1883, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show was born using real cowboys and Indians to recreate scenes from the life he knew.

Buffalo Bill and his wild West companions
Publisher: SKnopf; First Edition edition | ISBN: 0375501061 | 672 pages | 1893 | File type: PDF | 24.47 mb

Buffalo Bill's Wild West is an unmatched chronicle drawn upon decades of research and collecting, augmented with images by master photographers Peter Beard and Douglas Sandberg, and period photo-graphs and archival material from museums and private collections, particularly that of Michael Del Castellofeatured at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, in the summer 1999 loan exhibition "Buffalo Bill's Wild West."
In over 225 color plates and 160 black-and-white illustrations, with in-depth text and captions, the colorful arms, posters, photo-graphs, costumes, saddles, accoutrements, stagecoaches, and, for the first time, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Winchester Ammo Wagon, are brought to life. The extraordinary, exquisitely detailed illustrations include more than 50 posters and broadsheets, over 100 rare cabinet card photographs, innumerable historic firearms, art and trade cards, and show-business memorabilia.
All the renowned exhibition shooters are presented: Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley, Frank Butler, Doc Carver, Johnny Baker, Pawnee Bill, Lillian Smith, Captain A. H. Bogardus and sons, Captain E. E. Stubbs, Curtis Liston, Arizona Joe, and many moreall of them sports and entertainment luminaries of their day.
Designed as a companion volume to the bestselling Colt: An American Legend; Winchester: An American Legend; The Peacemakers; Steel Canvas; and Ruger His Guns, this new work covers a fascinating period in history and entertainment that will never be seen again.

Last of the great scouts - the life story of Col. William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) as told by his sister Helen Cody Wetmore
Publisher: Bison Books | ISBN: 080329834X | 228 pages | April 1, 2003 | File type: PDF | 16.99 mb

Buffalo Bill: Last of the Great Scouts is the entertaining and fascinating story of William F. Cody, known to millions for over a century as the legendary Buffalo Bill. Born in a log cabin in Iowa, he was a buffalo hunter, stagecoach driver, Pony Express rider, Civil War soldier, and a scout for the U.S. army before beginning his career as the star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West, which electrified audiences around the world from 1883 to 1917.
Bill's sister, Helen Cody Wetmore, has written an affectionate biography that recalls fully both the man and the legend, his colorful personality and ironic wit, as well as his celebrated international status. Some of her anecdotes read like the dime novels they were probably based on, but others provide fascinating glimpses of frontier life. Before becoming a showman, Cody tried his luck as a land speculator, a hotelkeeper, and a justice of the peace. These pages also show the author herself growing up on the wild frontier. Humorous and informative, Buffalo Bill introduces us to an unforgettable and controversial figure in American frontier history.
This commemorative edition includes the full text of the original 1899 edition, a foreword and afterword by novelist Zane Grey, illustrations by Frederic Remington, E. W. Deming, and Rosa Bonheur from a rare 1903 edition, and an introduction by scholar Joy S. Kasson.

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